The Howlett Way


“Howlett Academy is an exceptional private school. Our daughter began her studies there in grade two, and our son in JK. In the five years that they have been attending Howlett, we have witnessed remarkable growth, not only in their academic achievements, but also in the way that they conduct themselves as individuals both inside and outside of school. Howlett nurtures the whole child, bringing together academic excellence, self-esteem and respect for others. It is an environment where children cultivate the skills to excel in their academics, to use their creativity, and to think beyond the text. We wholeheartedly believe in the Howlett Way."

– Allan De Luca & Samantha Adamson

It’s about curriculum.
Students need a well-planned curriculum, one that teaches core skills in basic subjects, and builds on the mastery of those core skills, year after year, so that they can advance to the sophisticated demands of secondary school.

It’s about change.
Students undergo significant physical, intellectual and emotional changes between JK and Grade Eight, changes that deeply affect their view of themselves and each other. These changes are acknowledged as factors in how they learn and function in a school setting.

It’s about pace.
Students develop at different rates. They require programs that meet their needs. Multi-age, fluid learning groups, particularly during the formative years, and personalized programs enable students to address gaps and move forward with confidence.

It’s about creativity.
By selecting assignments that are relevant and meaningful, students discover that learning is stimulating and gratifying and offers scope for creativity and personal pride.

It’s about supervision.
Students require attentive supervision from teachers, teachers who provide useful and sensitive feedback. Everything is marked, corrected and discussed in a timely manner.

It’s about organization and time management.
Organization and time management skills are cultivated in the classroom so that students learn how to manage the workload and have time for friends and family.

It’s about communication.
There are no surprises. A personal homework journal ensures that there is daily communication between the teachers, the student and his or her parents.

It’s about commitment.
We are committed to providing students with the finest education. Parents should not have to seek support outside of the school to fill in gaps in their child’s education. That’s our job.