Art, Music and Excursions


Just as Howlett Academy believes in developing essential skills in literacy, language and mathematics, it also believes in fostering a firm foundation in fundamental skills, techniques and concepts in art and music. It is only with this strong foundation in essential techniques, materials and ideas, that children can develop skills to meet their full creative potential.

Regardless of age or grade, students learn about drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media and sculpture. They are inspired by many sources including personal exploration, our society and culture, nature, curriculum subjects, and art history.

Student work is put on display throughout the school, throughout the year, and in May, the students stage a Gallery Walk, showcasing their work to family and friends in gallery-like settings in two buildings on Madison Avenue. Some of their work is also published in our annual Howlett Compendium of Visual Art.

Musically, students learn a variety of instruments in a “garage band” setting. They sing and play instruments as an ensemble. The program focuses more on the structure, sounds and evolution of popular music rather than classical repertoire. Students are also encouraged to compose and to perform their own compositions.

The school stages an annual Winter Concert where the students demonstrate their newly developed skills. The students also provide musical accompaniment for school plays, mini-musicals developed and performed at the end of the year by each class for the parents.

Like the Visual Arts program, the music program is engaging, creative and collaborative. It is also designed to develop skills, knowledge and strategies that are applicable to all subjects.

Situated as we are in the heart of the city, Howlett Academy students attend exhibitions and programming, when applicable to the curriculum, organized at the Royal Ontario Museum, the Gardiner Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Bata Shoe Museum, University of Toronto Planetarium, Koerner Hall and the MacMillan Theatre.

Each September, Grade Seven and Eight students embark on a day of teambuilding organized by Outward Bound where they canoe around the Toronto Islands, and then navigate an obstacle course at The Brickworks.


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