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2014 / 2015

Howlett Howler | Vol. 9 No.1

An Anthology of Fairy Tales (2015)

Visual Art Book (2015)


Howlett Academy publishes three works by the students. The first, written and organized primarily by the Grade Eight students is the Howlett Howler, a forty- page student newspaper that features political commentary, news and reviews, written by the students.

The second is a book that reflects the work the Middle school students have done in a particular subject in a particular year. One year it may be focused on poems or short stories they have written. For another year, the students created Once Upon a Time, original stories that the students wrote after studying the history and structure of fairy tales. Our recent publication was Reflections, An anthology of stories, essays and poems on the Great World Wars. Students also created artwork to illustrate their stories.

The third publication, drawing on work from every student in the school, is the Visual Art book, a richly produced catalogue, with occasional commentary, of the art created at the school.

The students take enormous pride in producing each work, and the results show. The works are snapshots of their creativity and hard work, and they serve to inspire younger students so that when their time comes to create the school publications, they can do the same.

We invite you to explore sample pages of these works by clicking the links under "Read our Publications."


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