The Junior School curriculum is based on a mastery approach to education. Fundamentals and concepts are taught repeatedly so the student has a strong understanding of the material before moving on.

Core subjects include Math, Language, Science & Technology, Social Studies, French, Personal Development, Health & Physical Education, Music and Visual Art.

Concepts are broken down into manageable increments that reinforce each other, and prepare the student for more complex material. The presentation and dissemination of concepts takes place throughout the entire academic year – and between grades and subject areas – so that the concepts remain fresh.

The work - individual and class - is reviewed and corrected on a daily basis so that each student has the opportunity to learn and improve incrementally while the material is top-of- mind. Goals, expectations and results are logged daily in each student’s journal so that staff, student and parents are on the same page.

Students are also required to interact socially in the classroom, participate in discussions and collaborate.

To learn more about the core curriculum in each subject area, we encourage you to arrange a tour.

Academic Programs

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"Howlett is a very special and impressive school.  It is warm and nurturing as well as it provides structure and routine while fostering independence and a strong work ethic.  The school strives for excellence in everything that it does and so the students also strive for excellence. In addition, the school has a solid teaching philosophy and methodology, which allow its teachers to provide differentiated instruction, particularly in the math program (which is the best we have experienced in Toronto). Our daughter has been happy since day one and we have watched as her confidence to strive for academic excellence as well as her ownership for her schoolwork has developed.

If your goal for your child is to reach her/his full potential then Howlett Academy is the best choice. It is with 100% confidence that we recommend Howlett Academy."

Nancy Gossling